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Our process is systematic fusion. From the first, to the last step, our system is based on the fusion of our coating to your surface.

Step 1 – Silicone removal and cleaning

We need to remove all minerals and substances from the surface that can interfere with the fusing of the coating.

Step 2 – Acid or sanding

Depending on the surface, we will modify the existing surface to promote fusion.

Step 3 – Repairs

We fill any cracks, holes and imperfections with a high performance water resistant filler.

Step 4 – Masking

Masking the area to protect your home and furniture. Unlike renovating, you do not need to clear or remove, we simply cover any walls and items not being Resurfaced.

Step 5 – Resurfacing

We apply the appropriate primer, coating and top coats required to give the surface a fabulous finish.

Step 6 – Finishing

After the coating is dried, we remove the masking and apply any sealant required in wet areas

Once all 6 steps are complete, we leave your room ready for use. This Systematic Fusion is what we base our adhesion guarantee with. We are trained and approved by Resurfacing Australia and the products we used are premium products formulated specifically for the purpose of resurfacing bathrooms and kitchens. The result… a gorgeous new look to your bathroom, kitchen and laundry.